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Tryout Policy

The overriding priority of the CenCal Cosmos Soccer Club is to develop all players to their potential. To that end the following playing time policies exist. Coaches may have their own team playing time policies but must adhere to these below::


All players will tryout in their age group unless previous written permission has been received from the DOC. We will determine whether permission to tryout in an older age group will be permitted based on:

1. School graduation year- the DOC will automatically allow anyone to try out in their school year group.
2. The best interests of the development of the player.
3. The best interests of the development of the other players in the club.

All of the above still require the player to tryout in their own age group and contact the DOC in advance.

These criteria will be used to determine which team the player trying out up will ultimately play on::

1. The best interests of the player-

a. Projected playing time on the older team
b. Physical suitability to play on the older team
c. Social aspect of playing on either team

2. The best interests of the other players-

a. Positive and negative impact on the other players on the younger and older teams

The DOC, in discussion with the relevant coaches, will make the final determination of which team the player will be offered a place on.

Note: Players not requesting to tryout up may be encouraged to do so by the DOC if it is deemed to be in the player’s best interest. Additionally, players not trying out or making the roster for an older team may still have opportunities to train and/or play with older teams throughout the season.

Roster Size

The roster size for each age group will be determined by the coach in discussion with the DOC. It is expected that each team be as close to a maximum roster size as possible to provide the most opportunities for players to be a part of the team.

Academy teams (U8 to U11) - It is the goal of CenCal Cosmos to have a number of teams in each academy age group. Since these teams will train together, they may not be divided into specific teams until a few weeks after tryouts have been completed.

It is our goal to have no cuts in these age groups, as we believe that it is very difficult to determine a player's ultimate potential in a tryout at this age and we do not want to lose players from the game. If the number of players cannot be grouped to create full teams we will work hard to recruit new players to fill the roster. At this age group we are very confident that this can be done, however, we will not ask any player to pay a registration fee until we know that we have sufficient players to field a functioning team.

For our older teams, we will offer spots to fill our available roster. A $100 down payment towards registration is due immediately to confirm a player’s spot on the team.  The balance is due immediately but may be paid in installments. 

Any players that are not selected for the roster (at U12-U14) will be welcome to train with the team indefinitely on a month-month basis while we actively seek to provide a team for them. As a club we will reach out to other clubs to see if they are missing a few players to fill a roster or if they have a few players left over that would be able to fill ours. We do not want to lose players from the game, especially if there are enough players around to make an additional team (whether that is at our club or another). Players that find themselves in this situation are welcome to train with us for as long as they like and are free to leave at any time for any reason.

You might also visit our page on physical preparation for competitive soccer. 


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